Fully Optimized Cold Emails in Seconds

Otto Pulls data from the web to personalize cold emails at scale

Your time is valuable

Sales reps and managers no longer have to choose between quality and quantity. Otto automatically populates your email templates with the words most likely to drive engagement.

Win More with Less Effort

Improved Conversion Rates

Sales teams can no longer rely on generic emails to generate pipeline. Otto was built to get results.

Super Fast

Our technology replaces the lengthy and time-consuming process of researching and writing high-performing cold emails

Highly Intelligent

Otto is designed to scale with your team over time. Our technology learns based on previous successes to continue to improve your conversion metrics over time

How It Works

Choose a Prospect

Copy and paste your prospect's Linkedin URL. Otto can understand what the prospect cares about the what will resonate with that person

The Emails are Composed

The technology works in the background analyzing each prospect's web presence and carefully selecting the most effective personalization from thousands of options.

The Final Copy Is Sent to You

The finished emails are sent to you directly by Otto. You're ready to copy, paste, and start driving business.

Gain Your Advantage with Otto

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